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“MADE FOR HUMANS” is DIGITAL 21 + STEFAN OLSDAL's instrumental band.

After 7 years working as DIGITAL 21 + STEFAN OLSDAL, they had a lot of instrumental/cinematic songs that didn’t quite fit. So during the 2020 lockdown, from their recording studios, they formed a second band: "MADE FOR HUMANS" and recorded an album. It’s the same two artists with the same love for classical instruments (like the string quartet, piano, etc), but here showing their most instrumental side. Slow songs to stop time with silence as the most valuable note and music to get lost in.  

But at the same time, songs like "Open Forest", "Undersea", "Hope" or "Laws of Nature" remind us that we need the air to breathe and the planet needs our care.

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Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal - Together
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