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Veteran electronic artist DIGITAL 21 combines with PLACEBO’s STEFAN OLSDAL to form the band

"D I G I T A L  2 1  +  S T E F A N  O L S D A L".
DIGITAL 21’s past in electronica proved a good fit for STEFAN OLSDAL, who had years of experience in the iconic, guitar-led alternative rock band PLACEBO and, seven years ago, they decided to join forces. Both are multi-instrumentalists with 30 years of experience in the music and their own recording studios. DIGITAL 21 is also the band’s visual artist, painting the artwork, and making live visuals and the official videos.

Both equally share a passion for electronic, rock and classical music. At the end of 2017 they released their debut album, ‘ INSIDE ’ (Kobalt, 2017), and next year they will release ‘ COMPLEX ’ (Electronic Bits Records) which is a contemporary hybrid of electronic music, mixing up club sounds and classical instruments like the church organ or the string quartet (that was recorded at the legendary RAK Studios in London). 


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Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal - Together
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